post4Cost efficient solar energy will significantly reduce operating expenses at the new Lewes Public Library.

“Following months of study, we have decided to incorporate solar panels as a key component for our new facility,” said Beckie Healey, chair of the Library Board of Commissioners.

Half the $425,000 cost of solar implementation will be covered by the State of Delaware, Healey said, with the balance coming from private donations, some of which are already being made.

“Because many local residents have encouraged us to consider this, we are offering naming opportunities at $195 each for the panels themselves,” Healey said.  A display in the new Library lobby will show how much savings in energy costs are being realized from the solar installation.

Trustee Hugh Leahy, who led the evaluation of solar for the Library, said the building will recover its investment cost in just five years.  The solar panels are expected to generate 110% of the energy needed to heat and cool the 28,000 sf facility, starting as soon as the new building opens.

“Solar, in conjunction with LED lighting and the VFR system already planned, will make the Library the ‘greenest,’ most cost-efficient facility in greater Lewes,” Leahy said.

The solar system will be installed by Lucent Energy Management.  As shown, most of the panels will be on flat areas of the roof so as not to detract from the Library’s appearance.

Discounts are available for schools, youth groups and multiple orders.  For information about naming solar panels at the new Library, please contact Rebecca Lowe at 302-645-4633.